About Me

Born in Northern Ireland, UK in 1988

My granda bought me my first digital camera when I was 12 years old.  It was a Fujifilm compact camera.  I loved it even though it was very basic.  As it only had a 1.5 Mega Pixel sensor.  My granda then bought me my first digital SLR the Nikon D70.  At first I didn't know anything about the manual and semi-manual settings.  After a while I taught myself a bit about the manuel settings.  Then in 2009 my granda bought me a newer digital SLR with a larger sensor which was the Nikon D60.  I had a lot of fun with this camera.  I then taught myself even more about the manual and semi-manual settings.  Having done this I decided to purchase  a new camera in November 2016.  The camera I chose to upgrade to was the Nikon D3400.  I love this camera with its 24 Mega Pixel sensor.


My favourite type of photography is close up and macro.  I love photographing flowers usually with a shallow depth of field.  My next favourite type of photography is landscape.  I also like some street photography in particular photos of people busking.  From time to time I do a little bit of portraiture photography for friends and family.

My first art exhibition by Antrim New Horizons with my photos was featured in Mossley Mill.  Which is located in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland.  It launched Thursday 3rd May 2018 and it lasted for about 6 weeks.  Since then I have had some of my photos in other exhibitions.